Monetizing Misery – Introduction

Monetizing Misery – VAXXED

On April 1, 2016, the movie VAXXED was released, giving hope to the parents of chemically injured children from the rituals of vaccinations. For the first time, we felt that finally change would take place. For the last several years thousands of us parents converged on social media using Facebook and YouTube to connect and share our our tragic stories.

I was one of those parents. I had two vaccine injured children named Weston and Emily. In 2013, I discovered the first few of those groups and joined. I was utterly shocked at the number of families that had been affected.

I was also shocked to find that 90% of those participating were single moms that had been separated or divorced and left to fend on their own. Over the next year, I started a public awareness campaign and formed my first organization titled, “The Vaccine Truth Movement.” It was my goal to spare others from the same fate by sharing my tragic story. Every day, dozens of parents contacted me to share similar stories.
I decided to forgo early retirement and dedicate the last years of my working life to this mission. I formed dozens and dozens of parent’s groups on Facebook and organize the grassroots operation to spread the message throughout the United States, and the world. I was interviewed on dozens of Internet talk shows, telling the story of my kids and describing what I wanted to accomplish over the next several years. I moved from a simple organization called “The Vaccine Truth Movement” using it as a springboard to my newer “” mission. It quickly became a recognized movement and got everyone’s attention. I was relieved that there were others who would help us change the world. However, a year into the process I could see that things we’re not the way that they were portrayed and begin to question who, what, when and where. This video segment is the story of my dealing with those behind the movie VAXXED.

Monetizing Misery – VAXXED (Version 2)

Monetizing Misery – MY TWO FATHERS

On September 9, 1954, I was conceived in secret by an anonymous sperm donor, to replace the sperm of a man who was sterilized and deemed unfit to propagate his own offspring and have a family. My parents were told never to tell me the truth of my conception. Almost 40 years later, my mother broke the silence, and told me the truth… a truth that would change my life, and many others forever.

Monetizing Misery – WESTON

Monetizing Misery – WESTON IN DETAIL
(Pre-Release / Unedited)

Monetizing Misery – EMILY
(Pre-Release / Unedited)

Monetizing Misery – GREG WYATT – EARLY YEARS

Over the last several years my health has been deteriorating mysteriously. I have lost majority of my strength throughout my body and it is becoming more difficult to do the things that I used to take for granted. I feel guilty asking for prayers because I know of literally hundreds of my friends that I have made relationships with here since the AV movement are now in worse shape than me as these population control measures are put in full swing.

This is a raw video of me telling my story of my early years who I am and how I got there. I think it can give you some good insight on what I was capable of.
I was so excited when the movie VaXxed was released April 1st 2016 as I believed it would give the momentum to change the 1986 law and to end the Carnage that has engulfed not only my lives but millions of others.

After less than a year I could see the whole thing was a construct and now looking back I can see it was sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and whose major players Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, RFK, Polley Tommey, and back further to Barbara Lo Fisher and Jenny McCartney and countless other evil people who assisted in this wholesale slaughter directly and indirectly. Thank you for your support over the years as I wind things down. I wish I could have accomplished more. I can go to sleep at night knowing I have done my best.

The world has become a giant operation of satanic mind-control.

THE BEAST – The little book that foresaw the world we are in today.

So Much To Say – So Little Time

National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC):  A Case Study in Deception for Controlled Opposition and Genocide