Advocating For Truth

For years, I’ve been a prominent voice in advocating for truth, often tackling controversial topics with the goal of bringing honesty and clarity to people’s lives. Now, at 67, I am taking a step back to reflect on my journey. This moment, my swan song, is a poignant one, as I consider the term’s meaning—a final act before retiring. It brings to light the realization that despite my efforts, the truth seems to be an increasingly unpopular cause in a world where lies prevail.

About six years ago, my life took a drastic turn when I experienced a seizure that left me with a profound feeling of disorientation and vulnerability. This episode occurred just days before a pivotal event at the CDC, which I still managed to attend despite not feeling fully recovered. It was a time when I was deeply involved in the anti-vaccine movement, passionately working alongside others who believed just as strongly in the cause. My commitment was unwavering as I shared my children’s stories and connected with many families affected by vaccine injuries.

However, my experience at the CDC event and subsequent interactions with key figures in the movement led to a gradual awakening. I started to see discrepancies and questioned the true intentions behind the public displays and the supposed solutions offered to the problems we were fighting. The realization that the cause I had poured my heart into might not be as altruistic as I believed has been both painful and sobering. Now, I strive to find forgiveness and peace as I share my story, encouraging others to look beyond the surface and seek their own truth in the complex narrative of public health and advocacy.