The Story of Weston: From Vibrant Child to Vaccine Induced Autism

I often ponder how this entire ordeal began. As I reminisce, I remember the excitement and anticipation my wife and I felt when we decided to start a family after our marriage. Despite the challenges of in vitro fertilization and the costly efforts, our dreams were shattered when it didn’t work. We then embarked on an adoption journey, only to discover the long wait times due to a high demand for adoption. Nonetheless, our determination led us to being chosen by birth parents, Cassandra and Alex, who were young but wonderful individuals. We closely followed Cassandra’s pregnancy, eagerly awaiting the birth of our son, Weston.

Weston was a bundle of joy, but as the months went by, he began to exhibit health concerns. After every doctor’s visit and vaccination, his health deteriorated. It was heartbreaking to see our once vibrant child become so unwell, especially when doctors kept dismissing it as normal childhood illnesses. The turning point was the MMR vaccine, which dramatically changed Weston’s life and consequently ours. We couldn’t fathom how such a trusted medical procedure could have such dire consequences.

The impact of Weston’s vaccine injury propelled me into a mission to understand more. In my business, I began to interact with other parents, gathering stories and finding a pattern. The more I delved into the topic, the more enlightened I became about the realities and deceptions surrounding vaccinations. Today, as I witness the daily struggles of my children, Weston and Emily, I am reminded of the immense responsibility and challenge of parenthood. Despite the hardships, their presence is a precious gift, and I strive every day to give them the best life possible.

The Devastating Transformation of Weston After Vaccination

Weston was adopted 19 months apart from Emily, and they both have the same birth parents. My son Weston Wyatt was born on February 2nd, 1998, at Phoenix General Hospital, weighing 6 pounds and 8 ounces. He was absolutely perfect, with no complications during birth. That day is vivid in my memory—the sight of his head emerging, the sound of his first cries—it was the moment my life changed forever. At 40, and Joyce at 38, we finally achieved parenthood, a dream we had cherished for years. The emotional weight of that moment was profound, as Joyce and I, tears streaming down our faces, realized that our lives would never be the same.

Shortly after birth, following a Hepatitis B injection, Weston developed a rash and jaundice, requiring additional days in the hospital in an oxygen tent. When we finally brought him home, our hearts were full of joy and anticipation for the future. We meticulously kept a diary of his routines, and his first pediatric visit with Doctor Mick was reassuring. However, at two months, Weston received multiple vaccinations during a routine visit. In the days following, our once cheerful boy became fussy and visibly distressed, leading to numerous subsequent doctor’s appointments. Despite assurances from Doctor Mick, Weston’s health declined, and he began to miss developmental milestones, showing signs of serious illness.

Weston’s condition worsened over the months, with severe vomiting, respiratory issues, and unrelenting coughing. Doctor visits became a constant in our lives, as we struggled to understand and manage his deteriorating health. He was diagnosed with bronchitis, reactive airway disease, and upper viral respiratory infections, all treated with an onslaught of medications that seemed only to exacerbate his suffering. It wasn’t until he was 18 months old that he began to walk, and even then, only on his knees—a sign, we later realized, of the dizziness and other neurological issues he was experiencing. As parents, we watched helplessly as our son faced a barrage of health challenges, a stark contrast to the perfect health he was born into.