Reflecting on VAXXED: My Personal Account

On April 1, 2016, the movie VAXXED was released, giving hope to the parents of chemically injured children from the rituals of vaccinations. For the first time, we felt that finally change would take place. For the last several years thousands of us parents converged on social media using Facebook and YouTube to connect and share our our tragic stories.

I was one of those parents. I had two vaccine injured children named Weston and Emily. In 2013, I discovered the first few of those groups and joined. I was utterly shocked at the number of families that had been affected.

I was also shocked to find that 90% of those participating were single moms that had been separated or divorced and left to fend on their own. Over the next year, I started a public awareness campaign and formed my first organization titled, “The Vaccine Truth Movement.” It was my goal to spare others from the same fate by sharing my tragic story. Every day, dozens of parents contacted me to share similar stories.

I decided to forgo early retirement and dedicate the last years of my working life to this mission. I formed dozens and dozens of parent’s groups on Facebook and organize the grassroots operation to spread the message throughout the United States, and the world. I was interviewed on dozens of Internet talk shows, telling the story of my kids and describing what I wanted to accomplish over the next several years. I moved from a simple organization called “The Vaccine Truth Movement” using it as a springboard to my newer “” mission. It quickly became a recognized movement and got everyone’s attention. I was relieved that there were others who would help us change the world. However, a year into the process I could see that things we’re not the way that they were portrayed and begin to question who, what, when and where. This video segment is the story of my dealing with those behind the movie VAXXED.

The day the movie VAXXED was released, April 1st, became a defining moment in my life, as it did for many other parents of vaccine-injured children. The film shed light on four pivotal areas: the need for transparency around CDC fraud, an urgent call to repeal the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act, the advocacy for individual MMR vaccines, and the essential reclassification of vaccines as pharmaceutical drugs. While many of these objectives have yet to be realized, the message of the film deeply resonated with me, pushing me to raise awareness through personalized license plates and car decals.

Motivated by my personal experiences, especially with my children Weston and Emily, I embarked on a mission to address the housing needs of aging children with Down syndrome and autism. Drawing from my background in real estate, I envisioned creating a supportive environment for these individuals. However, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. I found that many parents, understandably attached to their grown children, were hesitant to consider alternative living arrangements. Despite the initial setbacks, I remained resolute.

Over time, my focus evolved, and I began to use my resources and expertise to assist another vulnerable group: disabled veterans in Prescott, AZ. Recognizing the skyrocketing rents and the increasing challenges these veterans faced, I became committed to offering them affordable and safe housing options. Throughout this journey, my underlying philosophy has always been to prioritize others, striving to make a positive difference in the lives of those around me.