The Story of Emily and The Impact of Weston & Emily’s Injuries

In this heartfelt video, I recount the story of my daughter Emily and the pivotal decisions my wife and I made regarding her health. Born just 19 months after her brother Weston, Emily entered our lives during a tumultuous time. After witnessing severe reactions in Weston following his MMR vaccination, we were fraught with worry and uncertainty. This led us to delay and reduce Emily’s vaccinations, a choice met with criticism from many medical professionals who dismissed our concerns. Despite the challenges, Emily’s symptoms were far milder, a small relief amidst the storm we were weathering.

Our family’s ordeal was compounded by the need to care for two young children, one of whom was suffering significantly. The strain on my wife was immense as she juggled the demands of motherhood with the complexities of Weston’s condition. Emily, growing up in the shadow of these events, had a different childhood than we had envisioned. We found ourselves grappling with the possible consequences of our decisions, surrounded by a myriad of voices and opinions on the best course of action.

This narrative also delves into the impact of these experiences on my personal life and career. As a successful businessman, I found respite in my work, using it as a coping mechanism to escape the challenges at home. However, the pressure and pain were ever-present, leading me to seek comfort in alcohol and prescription drugs. Now, looking back as a 67-year-old man, I reflect on the path we’ve taken, the lessons learned, and the indelible marks these experiences have left on our family. It’s a story of love, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of what we believed was best for our children, amidst the echoes of a medical debate that touched our lives in the most profound way.